Wetter [adjective]

Definition of Wetter:

damp, moist

Synonyms of Wetter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wetter:

Sentence/Example of Wetter:

She was no wetter and no more tired than her cousin, she said.

I walked a few yards along the street to where Wetter lived.

My carriage was ordered to come for me at Wetter's; it had not yet arrived.

Wetter was to take luncheon at her house, and I allowed him to drop a hint of my coming.

Wetter was a keen and convinced partisan, and an ardent believer in himself.

I turned to the Countess; Wetter was already half-way to the door.

I took her hand and kissed it; Wetter looked on, saying nothing.

Varvilliers was wrong when he said that Coralie cared nothing about Wetter.

Wetter was sitting with his hand clenched on the table and his eyes downcast.

Wetter looked up and saw her whispering to me, and laughing as she whispered.