Whacking [adjective]

Definition of Whacking:


Synonyms of Whacking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whacking:


Sentence/Example of Whacking:

Dear old maddest of created 'Caesars,' I feel as if I were whacking at him yet!

He had reminded her of it by whacking his hand against his thigh.

He had his hat in his hand and was whacking his thigh with it.

Shouldst thou fail, it will be a whacking with staves for thine.

"When there'll be a whacking," grinned Bert, always the cynic.

Who sat tight so as to let Susanne and his crowd get a whacking for you?

Why, even by this light—By Jove, what a whacking arm you've got!

With one leap he was among them, whacking to right and left with his belaying-pin.

In whacking him off I broke one of his legs, and made his wings all awry.

Shrugging his shoulders he wheeled and went to the bunk house, where he stumbled over a box, whacking his shins soundly.