Whaled [verb]

Definition of Whaled:

beat, whip

Synonyms of Whaled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whaled:

Sentence/Example of Whaled:

I whaled Dan good when he brought that piece back from school.

We've whaled all the chaff out of the old straw, but it doesn't do any good.

The Dutch also whaled with long ropes, as is now our method.

I could have whaled it to them all right now, but a shell jammed.

Take your hat off to that chechacko who has just whaled you blind.

He lammed me when he was drunk, and he whaled me when he was sober.

Just now he recognized his mother and she whaled away and gave him a whack for his pains.

When I wuz a little shaver my ma told me always to mind my manners, an' when I didn't she whaled the life out of me.

I ricolleck one time I seed a big feller a bullyin' a po' little devil, an' I told him to quit an' he wouldn't, an' I whaled him.

I nagged him some this morning, and he was ripe for anything when I whaled away with that rock.