Wharf [noun]

Definition of Wharf:

boat storage

Synonyms of Wharf:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wharf:


Sentence/Example of Wharf:

"Looks as if there were something doing there," said Percival, as they drove off the wharf.

There was no wharf, and it was always necessary to get ashore through a surf.

We all went ashore in this canoe, then, and were soon alongside of a wharf.

When we got back to Charleston, our ship lay at her own wharf, and I saw nothing of my chap.

Two of them bore a small chest which they set down on the wharf.

The wharf is naturally the first point of interest to new-comers.

Down the wharf he walked, joyfully, as one who greets an old friend.

He was followed by the wharf watchman, who looked frightened.

All at once that hired man runs to the end of the wharf and calls after us.

He was standing at the shore end of the wharf, gazing up at the lighted windows.