Whatever [pronoun]

Definition of Whatever:


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Sentence/Example of Whatever:

So we think, whatever you think: and whose thoughts are to be preferred?

Whatever other failings might be his, there was no great cowardice in Hank Rainer.

Your eye searches for whatever may remind you of the living world.

And whatever our views of its cause, we can agree that children at risk are not at fault.

Whatever it was that he was about to say, Andrew was never to hear it.

The desire of man's heart does for him whatever I seem to do.

Whatever explanation of our sufferings and failures there may be we must not shuffle them off on God.

My point is that whatever there may be to struggle with there is nothing to be afraid of.

But what troubled her most of all was that he should be so careless about the wrong he had done, whatever it was.

In 1642 Queen Henrietta Maria landed on whatever quay then existed.