Whatnot [adjective]

Definition of Whatnot:

and so forth

Synonyms of Whatnot:

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Sentence/Example of Whatnot:

The whatnot was shaky, having only three short, spindle legs.

It could not have been the owner of the Whatnot, because, with his wooden leg, he could not swim.

With his own savings, and largely by his own labor, he now built his boat, the Whatnot.

My Mind wanders in sex-chaos and muses on piquant impure things, enchanting villainies, odd inversions, whatnot.

Homais, to keep himself in countenance, took up a water-bottle on the whatnot to water the geraniums.

Those old houses were honeycombed with priest holes, secret passages and whatnot.

Andy Grant has told you a great deal about General Jackson's pledges, and his changes and whatnot.

Stand this piece of wire on the whatnot in the sitting room and show it to the minister when he comes.

Or between Ruby and other groups from the left, right, and middle of the road, or whatnot?

Shes all the time sending messages to BB, and to soldiers and Injuns and whatnot, and to the animals.