Wheedling [verb]

Definition of Wheedling:

talk into

Synonyms of Wheedling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wheedling:

Sentence/Example of Wheedling:

Beneath his wheedling air there was the determination to devour everything.

He no longer treated Bongrand in the wheedling, respectful manner of yore.

Again did she give vent to a dry laugh which distorted her wheedling face.

Matthew caught his breath, and changed his wheedling tone all at once.

"Sit here by me," urged Justin, in a wheedling tone, and placed a chair for her.

He had crouched over it for a half-hour, blowing it, coaxing it, wheedling it.

"Good-evening, Mr. Brereton," he said in a thin, wheedling voice.

She stood ten minutes cajoling him, wheedling, coaxing, threatening.

She stopped the guttural, wheedling voice with a quick, vehement gesture.

The tone was wheedling, and the elder woman loved to hear it.