Wheelbarrow [noun]

Definition of Wheelbarrow:

small attachment for transporting

Synonyms of Wheelbarrow:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wheelbarrow:


Sentence/Example of Wheelbarrow:

Can you get yourself home from this spot, or shall I borrow a wheelbarrow and tote you there?

I 've sent Bob for your things with the wheelbarrow; what have you got?

Old Laird Fisher was trundling a wheelbarrow on the bank of the smelting-house.

He went to a sand-bank with the wheelbarrow, and shovelled in a load of sand.

A boy was going to wheel his little sister in a wheelbarrow.

The thousand came with their wheelbarrow and rolled him back.

Here we are at the landing, and there is the wheelbarrow brigade.

Half a mile ahead of them was a knot of men, gathered about what might have been a wheelbarrow.

Sam sat down in the wheelbarrow and stared at his friend almost with awe.

I should be glad to see her even in a wheelbarrow for my part.