Wheeling [verb]

Definition of Wheeling:

turn, rotate

Synonyms of Wheeling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wheeling:


Sentence/Example of Wheeling:

Joe had left him then, wheeling abruptly off into the shadows.

After the affair at Wheeling, September 1, the Indians returned home.

Wheeling about, it carried you into the heart of our own camp.

He saluted ceremoniously, and, wheeling his horse about, he rode away.

Stanley, wheeling like a flash, gave chase to the incendiary.

Not even a tiny, wheeling speck betrayed the presence of a bird.

By the middle of the afternoon, we were at Wheeling (91 miles).

For what seemed a long time, he was wheeling down the crimson ray.

He drew his gun to shoot down the glittering, wheeling metal bird.

Then wheeling abruptly he plunged into a side-lane on his left.