Wheels [noun]

Definition of Wheels:

circle, revolution

Synonyms of Wheels:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wheels:


Sentence/Example of Wheels:

This day we had completed the repair of the wheels of half the drays.

To run straight, the axes of all the wheels must obviously be parallel.

I am sick in my soul of narrow apartments and wheels and the rush and roar of the city.

It was set a-going, not by wheels and weights like other clocks, but by the dropping of water.

There was something awful, in the heavy rumbling of the wheels.

All this was carried upon a body provided with three wheels.

Just as he dropped a branch down at her feet, she caught the sound of wheels.

The wheels of our light cart, the host said, would do good rather than harm.

Since the last rain no wheels had passed over the carriage-way.

It was evident that he had a scheme of his own, worked by wheels within wheels.