Wheeze [verb]

Definition of Wheeze:

breathe roughly, heavily

Synonyms of Wheeze:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wheeze:


Sentence/Example of Wheeze:

Of course he had the wheeze all wrong and I saw that he should be in bed.

She was so weak in the chest you could hear her wheeze as far as you could see her.

If only he could get that wheeze off: "Phyllis is my only joy!"

I'm the biggest giddy fool at that kind of wheeze that ever lived.

Snuffle and wheeze—snuffle and wheeze of the asthmatic Chinamans breathing.

And our yesterday's wheeze you freeze on to to-morrer, as sure as a gun.

He was just giving us the wheeze about the coming charge when a bullet struck him.

He was awakened once from a faint by a wheeze close in his ear.

I believe that you will not wheeze again for a long time, Simon.

A still more aged "wheeze" bobs up in the pages of Mr. Hueffer.