Whelp [noun]

Definition of Whelp:

young animal

Synonyms of Whelp:





Opposite/Antonyms of Whelp:


Sentence/Example of Whelp:

Stop that barkin', now, you whelp, Or I'll kick you till you yelp!

For as the lion's whelp may be called a lion, or the horse's foal a foal, so the son of a king may be called a king.

"It seems you love that—whelp, that thing that was my brother," he said, sneering.

Give the whelp a couple of half-crowns, Halkett, and send him adrift.

How came you here, you vagabond Irish whelp, in this company?

The Lioness came up, and bitterly lamented the death of her whelp.

The whelp of a Wolf was brought him, with a request that he would feel it, and say what it was.

When we came in together to look at the English whelp the drawer was open.

But it was provoking to be flouted, so politely too, by that whelp of the Golden Dog!

You've done your work and that whelp shall not keep you out of its results.