Where [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Where:

You will not succeed in wresting it for long from the eternal oblivion where-unto it is destined.

Where-ever a sale was effected, all those connected with it were objects of vengeance.

He peeped over the hill, and saw two warriors riding away toward the Place-where-the-sun-sleeps.

"We saw some people far away toward the Place-where-the-day-begins," said High Eagle.

He afterwards went to the Apartment of the Empresses, and had reason, where-ever he came, to be satisfied with his Reception.

As they are rich, they can easily afford to make a good Appearance where-ever they come.

The reputation of this learned youth spread every-where; and learned men spoke of him in their works as a prodigy.

It meant the eternal question of what shall we eat, and what shall we drink, and where-withal shall we be clothed?

"Waste no powder; fire at discretion; and where-ever you discover a head, pick it off," were Washington's instructions to his men.

This point is easy to find, for it is placed where-ever feminine qualities are to be generalized.