Wherever [adverb]

Definition of Wherever:

at which point

Synonyms of Wherever:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wherever:


Sentence/Example of Wherever:

How like him to be there, to be wherever anyone was in trouble!

Wherever I glance my eyes, they meet something that pricks them like a needle.

This, for the first-time, came to our knowledge last night, after his return from wherever he had been.

Wherever there was a knot of midnight roisterers, they quaffed her health.

Whoever she might be, wherever she was, she might know what to expect should she be discovered.

But now, strange to say, wherever she went she encountered Felicien!

Wherever he looked there were masses of people and vehicles and tall buildings.

Wherever the grass was greenest, there she nibbled a mouthful or two.

"You can come and bring me home from wherever we go," Mrs. MacDermott continued.

Wherever a dragon's tooth had fallen, there stood a man armed for battle.