Whiling [conjunction]

Definition of Whiling:

as long as

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Sentence/Example of Whiling:

With the more abundant material now available, such an appraisal would be worth-while.

The youthful pair start beneath the smile of a blue sky, flecked with milk-while clouds merely to heighten the effect.

She seemed one of the most worth‑while girls I had ever met.

Why, on the campus now, the really worth-while girls rave over her.

“It is as though the bearer had run for a paternoster-while, and then leaped the river,” Dick observed.

When fighting for gold he forgets his appalling poverty in the really worth-while things in the world.

If they read of some one doing a great thing or making a worth-while accomplishment, they say: "I never could do such a thing."

I get the worth-while news from my paper by the headlines and by trained ability to separate the wheat from the chaff.

It made what had hitherto seemed the big worth-while things of life look so small and petty, so ephemeral!

But ere-while they grew deafened and deadened, forgetful and asleep!