Whilst [conjunction]

Definition of Whilst:

as long as

Synonyms of Whilst:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whilst:


Sentence/Example of Whilst:

And whilst I'm in it, is not it my duty to work for my wife and children?

Vivian, of course, cursed ambition, as all men do whilst they are in love.

It was whilst his mind was in this situation that he became acquainted with Belinda.

Never tell me what people say, whilst I am happy in the arms of him I love.

Lorenzi would in any case have gone to-morrow, whilst I should have remained.

Whilst he was going for that purpose, a stage-coach drove up to the door.

Struggle with a monster fish which had attacked Tobias whilst he slept.

It was the mask of a man, whilst the little delicate hands were those of a woman.

I liked to listen to him whilst looking at Thophile Gautier.

Whilst we lunched I looked at him when he was not noticing me.