Whimsicality [noun]

Definition of Whimsicality:


Synonyms of Whimsicality:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whimsicality:

Sentence/Example of Whimsicality:

For a moment the whimsicality of it interrupted the current of his feeling.

Depressed and intent as he was, the whimsicality of the situation struck him.

I am aware of his age as he talks and I get more of his spirit of whimsicality.

Doubtless, as you say, he was struck by the whimsicality of Cecily's costume.

The stories are touched with a peculiar delicacy and whimsicality.

"No; I dare say not," said Jimmie Dale—and then the whimsicality dropped from him.

There was a whimsicality about Gower's way of taking this that pleased MacRae.

Here is a whimsicality you would not find, I think, among another people.

He was proud of Bobby, and of her smartness and whimsicality; and about everything she did was right in his eyes.

The charm of these essays is a frank note of autobiography tempered by a kindly humor and whimsicality peculiar to Lamb.