Whined [verb]

Definition of Whined:

complain, cry

Synonyms of Whined:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whined:

Sentence/Example of Whined:

The last words of his speech he whined out in a lackadaisical tone.

The latter regarded him wistfully, started away, then returned and whined softly.

He whined pleadingly, and scurried playfully in and out of the underbrush.

It whined unsteadily a few moments then broke off completely.

"And that's how I'm fixed," whined Squeaking Henry in conclusion.

"I'd been drinkin' or I wouldn't have been such a fool," whined Miles.

I thrashed him while he cried for help, and then yelled with pain and whined for mercy.

The wind howled and whined and the rain beat against the windows.

He heard them trying to quiet him, while he growled and whined like a wolf in a trap.

He whined the question, not angrily, but querulously, like a child.