Whining [verb]

Definition of Whining:

complain, cry

Synonyms of Whining:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whining:

Sentence/Example of Whining:

I thought only of myself, and I behaved like a whining, unbalanced boy.

And over all was a constant hum, a crackling, a whining of spinning parts.

Whining with eagerness, he followed back from the river bank and in among the trees.

A carpenter was singing in his work-shop, accompanied by the whining of his plane.

The whining dogs are preying upon your simpleness, mistress Israel.

We have some pitiful letters from them—not whining, you know, but straightforward and frank.

The letter was brave and cheerful, there was not a hint of whining or complaint in it.

Once more he sat listening to that whining, fluctuating wave.

No preaching with him; no whining about what his boy might call himself or might not.

The Newry folks, and all of their breed, abstain from whining and cadging.