Whinnied [verb]

Definition of Whinnied:

call out, yell

Synonyms of Whinnied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whinnied:

Sentence/Example of Whinnied:

Mine would have whinnied for the camp and watched for short cuts to it.

The mare looked round when she entered the stable, and whinnied.

General Jackson, tethered to a rusty ring at the back, whinnied a welcome.

She whinnied, then her nozzle sought his arm and rubbed along it to his shoulder.

They shuddered, whinnied, glared with distended, bloodshot eyes.

This was sufficient to attract the mule, which whinnied and tried to follow the donkey.

Dobbin whinnied as if he thought the call had been long enough.

Kintuck whinnied caressingly as he heard his master's voice.

The poor animal only whinnied, but seemed almost as if he understood my question.

Lucy whinnied, and they saw the Colonel and Dale waiting at the bottom step.