Whinnying [verb]

Definition of Whinnying:

call out, yell

Synonyms of Whinnying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whinnying:

Sentence/Example of Whinnying:

Gypsy showed signs of melting, whinnying softly and forgivingly.

The whinnying of the horses after their companion at last drew her attention.

She had got to her feet and was listening, was whinnying, as in no fear of whatever thing it was.

Bob stood behind his master, whinnying a bit with excitement.

Take the mules with you in case their whinnying should be heard and give the alarm.

Nay, if I wanted a mount, there was Henriques' whinnying a few paces off.

The voice was smothered by the yells and a whinnying of some other man's laughter.

Here the horse tried to go at a brisker pace, whinnying joyously the while.

But in reply the girl only laughed her careless, whinnying laugh again.

Presently the whinnying of a horse startled the little sightseers.