Whipped [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Whipped:

I'd been whipped, an' starved, an' I was always prayin', 'Oh!

We learn nothing, we take no forward step, except as we are whipped to it by anguish.

It was the only time in my life that my mother herself ever whipped me.

He said I threw paper balls, and Mr. Burrows whipped me; and I didn't.

I says to Adam, this very afternoon, 'I'll be whipped if I don't git in an' see what's goin' on!'

I'll be whipped if I shouldn't like to see that little still!

An' I'll be whipped if 'Mandy herself didn't tell the heft on't arter 'twas all over.

She whipped the cracked and crumpled card from her pocket and pushed it into his hand.

She's been meddled with all her life, an' I'll be whipped if she sha'n't make a new start.

I'll be whipped if they ain't as good as if I'd made 'em every night for the last two year!