Whippersnappers [noun]

Definition of Whippersnappers:


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Sentence/Example of Whippersnappers:

Would you try to frighten me with that whippersnapper thing?

I was serving the Czar while you were still a whippersnapper.

She's not the kind that takes to any whippersnapper that comes along.

You'll find out you're fooling with the wrong man, you whippersnapper!

And a whippersnapper fellow like Perez, a narrow-minded slow-coach, with no taste or spirit, dared to dispute the place with him!

It is only the whippersnapper, the sneak, the coward out of doors who is a tyrant at home.

Fruits fail, and love dies, and time ranges; and only the whippersnapper (that fool of Time) endureth for ever.

By my sowl thin, you know betther thoughts than your own, Mr. Whippersnapper, if that's the name you go by.

You don't mean to say, Aaron Bickford, that you let a whippersnapper like that defy you?

What any decent, respectable, hard-working man would do,—bring back the girl and horsewhip that whippersnapper.