Whipping [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Whipping:

The fear of the disgrace of a whipping was too much for me, and I succumbed to the evil one.

As for Ben, he was less afraid of a whipping than of his father's disapprobation.

The aurora, like a hundred searchlights, was whipping across the sky.

I roared, whipping out my sword, 'for I am one of his officers.'

The silent Greer endured the whipping without wincing or speaking.

Whipping around a corner of the hut, he had time for a quick squint at the chanters.

But eventually she contented herself with giving Muche a whipping.

I'll be whipping the chiss ashore in a jiffy, only Csar's that eager to help, it's wonderful.

There are three things that are not hurt by whipping—a top, a syllabub, and a cream.

Whipping out his sword, he made a vicious pass at the lad's breast.