Whirled [noun]

Definition of Whirled:

spin, revolution

Synonyms of Whirled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whirled:



Sentence/Example of Whirled:

He tossed my hand from him with a whirl, that pained my very shoulder.

He caught him around the waist in his strong arms to whirl him to the ground.

All the while my head was in a whirl and my heart beat so loud I thought she must have heard it.

Say, whence is the voice that when anger is burning, Bids the whirl of the tempest to cease?

He could turn and whirl swiftly enough, but White Fang was never there.

I have little fancy for the whirl of society, and none for the jostle of politics.

His own thoughts were in a whirl, too confused with emotion for clear thinking.

"Yes," she answered, her brain in a whirl, not knowing what she said.

His brain was still in a whirl, and he wanted a little longer.

With all the whirl and the crowds and the glorious excitement.