Whirling [adjective]

Definition of Whirling:


Synonyms of Whirling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whirling:


Sentence/Example of Whirling:

But do give me a moment, everything is all so whirling and hazy.

The waves are whirling their boat past the rocks into the shallows.

But his head was whirling round, the blood was gushing from his brow, his temple, his mouth.

The Diné, whirling on his heel, met the arrow with his throat, and pitched choking.

I can see him yet, scowling at me and whirling the loop over his head ready to throw.

An icy wind was blowing, and the snowflakes were whirling through the air.

Rawson felt the same current sweeping and whirling gustily about him.

Morgan's brain was for an instant full of a whirling mass of thought.

The sheep were tossed about like dead leaves, whirling in bands in the eddies.

Our heads were whirling, our bodies bruised and mashed by the shaking up.