Whirr [noun]

Definition of Whirr:

continuous noise

Synonyms of Whirr:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whirr:

Sentence/Example of Whirr:

There was the whirr of an electric bell, and she knew that Anthony had come.

A rabbit or two scuttled away, and a pheasant flew off with a whirr.

One of his sounds or calls is like the buzz of a reel or the whirr of an alarm-clock.

The whirr of that arrow lived in Roger's mind the rest of his days.

But as she looked this way and that way, Iduna heard a whirr of wings above her.

As he was lifting it off the fire he heard a whirr of wings above his head.

For a moment I thought it was due to the whirr of our own wheels.

The buzzer's whirr triggered his muscles into complete relaxation.

The whirr of the rattle went on for a second or two, then gradually subsided.

The birds rose with a whirr—and then was repeated that horror of his youth.