Whirred [verb]

Definition of Whirred:

thunder, reverberate

Synonyms of Whirred:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whirred:

Sentence/Example of Whirred:

It whirred gratefully; the clanking stopped and she tried again.

Insects hummed and shrilled, or whirred like a tiny orchestra.

They braced their feet, whirred, lifted unevenly, and sank back with a jar.

He was oblivious of the perilous steel that whirred and throbbed about him.

But when he did he swore at the lions, softly, as he whirred by.

No more for us the fluttering of wings That whirred in the air above us.

They whirred up, brushing the branches, and the fox trotted away.

The motor beneath them whirred and panted and the car began to move.

A partridge or two whirred across the path from copse to meadow.

The doves cooed and whirred and walked in the sun and shadow.