Whisker [noun]

Definition of Whisker:

facial hair

Synonyms of Whisker:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whisker:


Sentence/Example of Whisker:

His wrinkled, red face was edged by a white fringe of whisker.

Also avoid getting the lips, nose, and whisker base too full.

A scanty growth of whisker did not conceal the contour of his jaw.

"And I'm glad the gypsies didn't get Whisker," observed Flossie.

"I—I just want to see what Whisker'll do," answered the little boy.

"Whisker can take care of himself, with his horns," observed Bert.

"Well, Whisker was tired of standing still," went on her brother.

Delancy tugged at his wisp of whisker, and wagged his head dolefully.

I thank him from my soul for not cultivating the national cat's whisker.

Farewell the festive "mutton-chop" whisker and the jovial goatee!