Whistling [adjective]

Definition of Whistling:


Synonyms of Whistling:

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Sentence/Example of Whistling:

Yates walked merrily down the road, whistling "Gayly the troubadour."

I hear their groans as they strain, and the whistling of their breath.

She gave an involuntary look at the barn, where David was whistling a merry stave.

He strode away, whistling, and the tune was full of courage and determination.

He was whistling a tune in a wheezy way, and keeping step to it grandly.

Then, faint as a whisper, came an answering, whistling breath.

She never remembered to have heard Charlie whistling so blithe an air.

And by and by Aunty Edith came in and we could hear George whistling and singing.

The air was full of laughter, talk, whistling and humming of the airs from the opera.

Sometimes a tune gets into my head and I have to keep on humming it or whistling it.