Whitens [verb]

Definition of Whitens:

make or become extremely pale

Synonyms of Whitens:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whitens:

Sentence/Example of Whitens:

Boil for one hour with the lid on the saucepan, that the steam may whiten the fat.

"Their bones will whiten the plains should they attempt it," the other said scornfully.

There was just enough snow to whiten the ground, but none to spare.

He said that the teeth should be cleaned, but that it was girlish to whiten them with powder.

We had it on the grass last year; seemed as if it never'd whiten out.

I was soon despatched; and my bones left to whiten on the sand.

By this time the snow was thicker, and the park beginning to whiten.

We were ashamed of our red eyes, and hung about for half an hour to whiten them.

Rub your hands with the skin of a lemon and it will whiten them.

Cheniston finished her sentence for her calmly, but she saw him whiten beneath his tan.