Whitewash [verb]

Definition of Whitewash:

cover up the truth

Synonyms of Whitewash:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whitewash:

Sentence/Example of Whitewash:

You know your uncle's reputation—the past one, I mean, not the whitewash.

At all events, its colour remained unimpaired by paint or whitewash.

They are mere ghosts, their skeletons wrapped in a shroud of whitewash.

Mrs. Rabbit wanted to know what he meant by carrying off some of her whitewash.

And Mr. Crow said: "The trouble about whitewash is that it's too hard to keep it on."

It is true that the investigation ended in a coat of whitewash.

But the evidence was so strong that no one could be in doubt that it WAS whitewash.

I am sorry to say that a workman spilt a pail of whitewash in your room.

I fancy it was the whitewash over your books that finally shunted you.

You can not reform vice; you may whitewash a sin, but it will be sin, still.