Whiz [noun]

Definition of Whiz:

very intelligent person

Synonyms of Whiz:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whiz:

Sentence/Example of Whiz:

Then wielding the sword aloft, he made it whiz past Mr. Landor's neck.

A flash—a report—and the whiz of a bullet told him that he was observed.

He was about to go on to say that he wondered if he would be caught at all, when—whiz!

The other ferry-boats have a comical appearance as they whirl and whiz past us.

They had not gone many hundred yards before I heard the whiz of a bullet.

Bang went the gun, whiz went the rocket, almost at the same moment.

The school shivered as they saw it whiz straight for the weak point.

We had not gained more than a hundred yards when the whiz of an arrow met our ears.

You should have heard me whiz, and seen the electric fur fly!

And each of the seven lifted up his voice and said, It is a whiz.