Whizbang [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Whizbang:

Just as the order reached us along came a whiz-bang and burst.

Suddenly—“whiz-bang, whiz-bang” right at the door of the dugout.

"Yes, up went my little 'and like a whiz-bang," announced Bindle.

It would have taken a "whiz-bang" to catch up to me that day.

The "whiz-bang" starts with a rough whirr like a flushing cock partridge, and goes off on contact with a tremendous bang.

Well, over the top we went and we got to the place he had pointed out; we had barely lain down in a shell hole when whiz-bang!

We had almost reached the front lines when one of our officers got hit in the face by a piece of "whiz-bang."

It covered us with dirt, and we had hardly gotten the dust out of our eyes when whiz-bang!