Whoever [noun]

Definition of Whoever:

person of fame, importance

Synonyms of Whoever:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whoever:

Sentence/Example of Whoever:

Whoever rejects it does of necessity fly to anarchy or to despotism.

Whoever she might be, wherever she was, she might know what to expect should she be discovered.

Whoever is in need of help the world over, by that token has a claim on us.

This gentleman, whoever he was, probably saw that I was frightened.

If these matters must be divided, give me the melody, and whoever else will, may take the noise.

Well, whoever lives will learn all about it, and it is no use worrying.

The stranger, whoever he was, had darted back in the undergrowth.

Ay, whoever he pleases; and who will that be, if women are of my mind?

Now whoever knows any thing of the passions—and who is there who does not?

Whoever says it ain't fixes the date of his own funeral, eh, boys?