Wholeness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Wholeness:

Why should the wholeness of that wild youth of his change to this?

In direct praxis, the wholeness of the being is externalized.

The elements of beauty are design, wholeness, and significance.

That wholeness and roundness, in which she had rejoiced, had gone from her altogether.

In these there is a wholeness, a strength, and a rapture, which still demands an explanation.

And so to her, Richard, your crippling has come to be dearer than any other man's wholeness.

Living things start with this wholeness from the beginning of their career.

In modern society the ideal of wholeness has lost its force.

There was never such singleness of eye or wholeness of heart.

There must be wholeness of a sort if life is to come through; harmony of a sort, and faith.