Wholesalers [noun]

Definition of Wholesalers:

person who sells goods

Synonyms of Wholesalers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wholesalers:

Sentence/Example of Wholesalers:

The same can be said of the margins between the wholesaler and the consumer.

The wholesaler must know the character of the retailer to whom he extends credit.

The wholesaler has to be a bureau of information concerning this part of his business.

He didn't always wait for the wholesaler to start the boostin', either.

Traveling salesman for a St. Paul wholesaler, for a Chicago clothing-house.

The cost price is considered to be that paid to the manufacturer or wholesaler.

But neither commission-man nor wholesaler liked to adhere to the scheme.

The manufacturer or wholesaler is creditor and the jobber or retailer is debtor.

This I offered him for forty signs with the name of the wholesaler thrown in.

Thirdly, five per cent was to be added for the profit of the wholesaler.