Wholesomeness [noun]

Definition of Wholesomeness:

decency, excellence

Opposite/Antonyms of Wholesomeness:

Sentence/Example of Wholesomeness:

Hence the wholesomeness of tone and the breezy freshness of his work.

The most impressive thing to me about the religion of the soldiers was its wholesomeness.

And there is a wholesomeness about the man, for all his quietness, which draws one to him.

The Arabs always judge of the wholesomeness of water in this way.

The first stages of souring are not so objectionable, so far as wholesomeness is concerned.

And the wholesomeness of her was a lure to the many even in a drawing-room of London.

The book has pleasing spontaneity, high ideals and wholesomeness.

The wholesomeness of this food was, however, disputed among the ancients.

Moreover it was a reign of wholesomeness, both for body and mind.

The manner of its preparation for the table has very much to do with its wholesomeness.