Wholly [adverb]

Definition of Wholly:

completely, entirely

Synonyms of Wholly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wholly:

Sentence/Example of Wholly:

I got to trust you wholly in these matters, and I know I can do it, too.

Still she was a girl; and no girl could be wholly without importance on such a day.

Robert, though not a professional fisherman, was not wholly inexperienced.

You, my dear, are happy—May you always be so—and then I can never be wholly miserable.

One's attention was not called to it otherwise than as a wholly inevitable state.

That this is wholly of recent growth, is not, of course, to be inferred.

But the effort on the secretary's part was wholly without success.

Yet, thanks to our good chancellor, I am not wholly unlettered.

He marveled dully over the sensation—it was wholly new to him.

This was the wholly ambiguous communication that Crane had found under his door.