Whoopee [interjection]

Definition of Whoopee:


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Sentence/Example of Whoopee:

A wild shout from Dot Crowley, followed by a chorus of "Whoopee!"

Hall looked up at the cabs, ignoring the Whoopee Kids' baritone.

Whoopee ti yi, git along, little dogies;For you know Wyoming will be your new home.

Of course, old Nat didn't care a whoopee about getting the list perfect, and my boy may be right on that dun cow.

Cook had a big wooden tray and she'd come out and say 'Whoopee!'

Does your stenographer want to leave promptly at five so she can get ready for an evening of whoopee?

Whoopee ti yi, git along, little dogies;It's my misfortune and none of your own.

Whoopee, didn't I tell you that Santa Claus would come all right!

This is no Texas feet shampetter,' says I, 'where you eat chili-concarne-con-huevos and then holler "Whoopee!"