Whooping [adjective]

Definition of Whooping:


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Sentence/Example of Whooping:

It was time now for Long Bear to do all the whooping there was in him.

I think the devil's imps sleeping somewhere must have heard that whooping.

The Cache riders were running their horses and whooping across the creek.

Slaves were whooping and laughing and acting like they were crazy.

It's bad enough to have her whooping like a wild Indian in the kitchen.

The yelling and whooping, the cries of the wounded, made an infernal din.

With reckless valor they came on, whooping and yelling defiantly.

But he kept on yelling, whooping, yodling with all his might.

The Indians came on, whooping and brandishing their weapons.

He felt like jumping up in the air and whooping the length of the street.