Whooshed [verb]

Definition of Whooshed:

swish, whisper

Synonyms of Whooshed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whooshed:


Sentence/Example of Whooshed:

That was my last thought as the thing let go with a "whoosh."

"I whoosh't—I woosh't was so we could hev pie," sighed one such.

There was a whoosh of fire and a flare from the launcher's nose.

It folded over with a whoosh, grabbing its middle, as the toy wobbled off in eccentric flight.

Bram Forest drove his left fist into the guard's belly and heard the whoosh of air escaping from his lungs.

A whoosh of fire swept past the cabin, missed them as Case sent the ship into a dive.

You want to whoosh off in a nice little love whoosh and love yourself.

You can whoosh if you like, and get excited and carried away loving a woman, or humanity, or God.

Pa was the first to get to the head of the stairs, and he stuck his head in the kitchen, and drew a long breath, and said 'whoosh!

Swish, whoosh, went the canoe, as it shot through the parasites and creepers.