Whorl [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Whorl:

How old is the very top, down to the first whorl of branches?

The great nebula in Orion was a whorl of shimmering star dust.

Let us suppose a whorl of eight leaves, surmounted by a similar whorl of eight.

The spore-clusters, at the tips of the branches, are surrounded by a whorl of branchlets.

But he saw a glimmer in a whorl of darkness, like a ball of living fire.

Calyx absent or represented by a whorl of silky hairs (pappus).

The leaves are very narrow, usually four in a whorl, and very unequal.

He states that it is cut from the suture, where a whorl joins the preceding one.

The sole difference is in the size and material of the whorl.

The Mexican whorl has a Mexican style of ornamentation, etc.