Whorled [adjective]

Definition of Whorled:

curling, winding

Synonyms of Whorled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whorled:

Sentence/Example of Whorled:

The tetraspores are attached to the inner side of whorled branchlets.

Turbinate: Shaped like a whipping-top; whorled from a broad base to an apex.

In the case of the dandelion, a rosette or whorled cluster of leaves is found.

On the other hand, the whorled character of the core can hardly fail to be recognised.

Its fragrant little yellow flowers are in whorled, axillary cymes, each cluster having from six to eight blossoms.

The side branches, also whorled, are generally flattened into a horizontal spray.

No, that would be next to impossible, for he'd be cutting into the whorled and twisted grain at the base of the supporting fork.

Submerged aquatics, with whorled, finely dissected leaves and inconspicuous flowers with neither calyx nor corolla.

Herbs, with opposite or whorled entire leaves, and stems frequently swollen at the nodes.

Prostrate herbs, with whorled leaves and small whitish axillary flowers without petals, in summer.