Wickedly [adverb]

Definition of Wickedly:


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Sentence/Example of Wickedly:

White Fang was in a rage, wickedly making his attack on the most vulnerable spot.

But, my friends, Death never comes to those who wickedly seek him.

“But it was a bribe to get you to take them off,” laughed the Patient Aunt, wickedly.

I looked into his wickedly handsome face, and smiled coldly.

They are most wickedly sane, which is why their designs fill me with apprehension.

I don't think that I have ever sworn so wickedly in my life before.

The foe is wickedly spurring and yanking the bridle and cursing his horse.

He had played, boldly, wickedly and recklessly, though apparently with all care.

All this has come true, save that I did not lose you: I wickedly cast you from me.

How wickedly he looked at you when Maurice pictured how dear you were to him!