Wicker [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Wicker:

It was a large bedroom with high ceilings and wicker furniture.

They vse also mosse tyed on aboue the clay with some bryer, wicker, or other bands.

He sat in his wicker chair before the fire and rocked himself and moaned.

There were arrows and wicker shields also, and the huge wooden shields of the Egyptians.

The wicker armchair was the most substantial thing about her person.

So hey for the wicker demi-john and the free-lunch brand of grub!

The man in the wicker chair was looking at them, a half smile on his lips.

He sank deeper into his wicker arm-chair, throwing one leg over the other.

Then he climbed in beside her and wished himself in his own wicker castle.

For once the wicker walls of a bamboo house had a merit all their own.