Widened [verb]

Definition of Widened:

open up

Synonyms of Widened:

Opposite/Antonyms of Widened:

Sentence/Example of Widened:

Sometimes the way so widened that she and her father could ride abreast.

The stream was a small one, but in the pool it widened out to a score of feet.

And so, reluctantly, they led him down the gauntlet of widened eyes.

His horizon had widened, while here, little or nothing was changed.

There must be more giving of ourselves if that wedge is to be widened in the disc.

And so the gulf between them widened until the day of his departure.

Your own rise in fortune has widened the interval between you.

Could it be possible that it had widened––that it was slipping over?

His narrow world had widened; his neighbours had sprung alive.

The distance between Teola and Tessibel widened perceptibly.