Wideness [noun]

Definition of Wideness:

extent or range of something

Synonyms of Wideness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wideness:

Sentence/Example of Wideness:

But you can't think the wideness of the sky, and I couldn't paint it for you with words.

What is the Wideness of the Groove at the Top, and elsewhere?

It filled the girl with a sense of freedom; its wideness uplifted her.

Her estimate of Farwell did not credit him with wideness of outlook.

Perhaps it was the wideness of the bridge and the subsequent big, open boulevard.

(her hands closing in from wideness to a smaller thing) Why did so much get shut out?

Everything depends on the arrangement and the wideness of the intervals.

There was a wideness here that made praying seem more natural than it would have been at home in the open country.

And he had seen its wideness, its deepness, even though the merest trifle of it showed upon the surface of her courtesy.

To the wideness of this harmonic range we should be inclined to ascribe many of his shortcomings.