Widening [verb]

Definition of Widening:

open up

Synonyms of Widening:

Opposite/Antonyms of Widening:

Sentence/Example of Widening:

From right to left his eager glance swept the river's widening reach.

We now came to a widening of the river where it spread out into a small lake.

There was no sea, and she sent long, widening ripples from each side of her bow.

Ever widening was the water, and now it stretched from bank to bank.

Steve, beneath the swamp magnolia, had a widening of the lips.

No one might tell what lay around the next bend of our widening waterway.

The large canoe was very near, but the gap between it and the steamer was widening.

By contrast, the widening circle about it seemed subdued and orderly.

The area of topics introduced in the pulpit is widening, I think.

At Bloomville at ¼ past 4; the last seven miles the valley has been widening.