Widowed [adjective]

Definition of Widowed:

not presently wed

Synonyms of Widowed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Widowed:



Sentence/Example of Widowed:

She had rejoiced for his happy spirit, and now she mourned her own widowed lot.

When she left him the widowed father of a little girl, he mourned sincerely for her.

He then invited his widowed sister to live with him and take charge of his child.

She arrived in Dresden and sought refuge with her widowed mother.

I am widowed; and the first numbness of the unexpected shock has not left me yet.

Or if not so, then she must continue to live her widowed life at Exeter.

She has been cruelly deserted, has Been widowed by Siddhattha for a whim.

Some of these were single ladies; others had been widowed, either by death or request.

Widowed, one might with equanimity admit stress of circumstance.

But the situation of the widowed bride was the most pitiable.